Cookies on the site

Like pretty much all websites, relies on cookies to make it work – for example the Twitter-widget on the homepage imports cookies.

However, in the process of compiling, formatting, writing and updating, I personally don’t create cookies. In truth I’m better at making the sort of cookie that you eat – which I’ve never actually tried since home economics at secondary school.

To see what cookies are present on the page you’re viewing – on all websites, as well as this one – the options for two of the more popular web-browsers are below (for many other browsers it will be a similar process):

If using Google Chrome
Mouse-over the padlock-icon next to the address bar. When ‘View site information’ appears, click on the icon, then click on the ‘Cookies…’ line. A ‘Cookies in use’ dialogue-box will open, and this will allow you to either block or remove cookies of your choice.

If using Microsoft Edge
Mouse-over the padlock-icon and click on it when ‘Show site information’ appears. Click on ‘Media autoplay settings’, then ‘Manage permissions’, then ‘Privacy & security’, and you’ll find the Cookie-options there.

If you have any queries regarding cookies on this site, please email or tweet @Royraces.